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Thomson Flight Delay Compensation

Over the years we have helped thousands of airline passengers like yourself claim compensation from airlines. If you’ve been delayed by over 3 hours on a Thomson flight into or out of Europe, or your flight was cancelled or rerouted, we may be able to help you too.

Regulation EC261/2004 means that if it was the airline’s fault, they should pay you compensation for the inconvenience. But actually getting the airline to pay this money is often far from easy. This is because airlines use various strategies to avoid paying, such as making the process itself very awkward, or by using excuses that have no basis under law. Over the years, we have seen it all!

Claiming with us is a very simple process, involving just a few basic questions. Once we have the details of your claim we do everything else from preparing your claim to fighting the airline on your behalf. We’ll even use our solicitors to apply legal pressure if the airline don’t pay when they should.

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  • We have the lowest fees of all the reputable claims companies

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Linda and John from Grampian, UK won £1,047 from their successful Thomson flight claim.

“We would like to thank you very much for your help. We got nowhere with our Thomson flight claim ourselves and are so glad we put the matter in your hands.”

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Grant from Deal in Kent won £940 from his Thomson Airlines flight claim.

Thank you for doing exactly as advertised and getting 2 x €600 (£940.38) compensation for our delayed Thomson Airways flight from Punta Cana to Gatwick in January

Karen, Sally and Elisabetta from Buckinghamshire won £750 for their Thomson flight claim.

Thank you for claiming our money for us. We were told we wouldn’t be entitled to anything from a Thomson employee but managed to claim what we were entitled to.

Frederik from Cornwall claimed £629 for a delayed Thomson flight

I have no hesitation in recommending this Company. My claim was dealt with in a professional manner with the minimum of effort on my part. Throughout the process I was kept fully informed as to the progress of the claim and the result was a cheque for 800 Euro paid to me two days before Christmas.

Find Out How Much You Could Claim

  • No Win No Fee

    Lowest fees of the reputable claim companies.

    Just 25% of the successful claim, plus £25 per passenger admin fee (with VAT applied to total fees).

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