11 Jul 2017

Thomas Cook Launches App to Stream In-Flight Entertainment to Phones and Tablets

Sunstream App

The Sunstream app, available on medium and long-haul flights, combines a range of services for delivery directly to travellers’ personal devices. The app needs to be installed on portable devices, then can be used via wifi during the cruising part of the flight. The app gives access to entertainment such as movies, tv series’, music and magazines, as well as being able to book excursions tailored to the destination, download tailored tour guides, or even order duty-free shopping for delivery direct to your seat.

Thomas Cook is rolling out the system across its entire fleet, and it is currently available on almost 70% of its short and medium-haul flights.

Gareth Sutton, director of product at Thomas Cook Group Airlines, said: “This fantastic technology provides quality and convenient entertainment for customers who want to relax and get in the holiday spirit.

“We’re working hard on creative ideas that make leisure flying fun, from our pre-order duty free service Airshoppen, to upgraded cabin interiors, and digital, personalised entertainment systems such as this new offer on short and medium-haul flights.

“It perfectly complements our on-board entertainment on long haul which has been a great success since its introduction in 2014.”


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