19 Sep 2017

Ryanair Cancels 40-50 Flights per Day Following Pilot Rota Disaster

Ryanair Plane in Flight

Budget airline Ryanair have come under great scrutiny after writing to 400,000 customers to advise them their flight has been cancelled after a catastrophic mistake with pilot rostering.

Michael O’Leary arranged a press conference in Dublin on Monday afternoon explaining that if the issue with pilot rostering was not addressed immediately the airline would be responsible for around £22 million in compensation payouts. Around 250,000 passengers will not be eligible for compensation under EU Regulation EC261/2004 as the airline have given more than 14 days’ notice of their cancelled flight, but will nonetheless have holiday plans ruined by the situation.

As a result, Ryanair share prices have dropped 3% since announcing the cancellation of more than 2,000 flights. During Monday’s press conference, O’Leary stated, ‘As the largest individual shareholder in Ryanair, I never give a rat’s a** about the share price. I couldn’t care less’. He went on to say ‘It’s not my biggest cock-up. I’ve a litany of cock-ups over 25 years’.

In his usual arrogant manner, he commented further, ‘It’s a cock-up that affects two per cent of our customers over a six-week period and I’m very sorry for it. Has this been one of the greatest days in Ryanair’s history? No.

‘It is my mess-up there, therefore I have to clean it up. I don’t think my head should roll, I need to stay here and fix this. I apologise to customers who were affected’.

He added: ‘We’re working very hard at the moment to make sure we finalise the list of flight cancellations, which will affect less than two per cent of our customers, and also look after those customers who are disrupted.’

A full list of cancelled flights can be found on Ryanair’s website. The airline has a responsibility to offer passengers an alternative flight or a full refund should be offered on a cancelled flight. Compensation is also due under EU Regulation EC261/2004 if the airline has not notified passengers within 14 days of when they are due to fly.

Michael O’Leary stated on Radio 4’s p.m. program on Monday that all passengers due compensation under EU rules will be paid without argument. However, passengers will still have to claim as the airline will not be paying compensation unless they are requested to do so.

The p.m. program were in receipt of an example letter from Ryanair to an affected customer, given less than 14 days’ notice of the cancellation, clearly stating that after the refund they have no further obligations to pay compensation. This is patently untrue, and it is likely that many passengers have been given the same misleading advice by the airline.

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