20 Jul 2017

Passenger says goodbye to loved one as plane nose dives after sudden loss in cabin pressure

Jet2 Plane Taking Off

A Jet2 flight from Ibiza to Leeds Bradford Airport is reported to have taken an emergency decent before making a diversion to Barcelona airport. The sudden decent was taken by the pilot due to a drop-in cabin pressure and a safe altitude was established before landing at Barcelona airport. Tom Miller, passenger on board the flight told The Yorkshire Evening Post, “We were about 30 minutes into the flight when the pilot shouted, ’emergency descent, emergency descent’. He must have been speaking to the attendants because I remember them looking at each other and leaping into action.

“They had the snack trolleys out and the seat belt lights were off, but the staff ran flat out to put them back. Then the emergency masks dropped down and the plane started diving down in at least a 40-50 degrees dive. It seemed to go on forever but looking back it was probably only a couple of minutes. It felt like we were falling out of the sky.”

“At that point we just didn’t know. The plane was going down. There was nothing but sea beneath us and we were going down. It’s the sounds that change so much. I think that was the scariest bit. “So I text my wife and told her I loved her. What else do you do?”

Jet2 have released an apology to passengers on board the flight.


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