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7 Aug 2015

Mobile Phone Overseas Travel Tips

Love them or hate them, it has come to the point where we simply can’t live without them – mobile phones. We are so attached to them and the resources they provide that we can’t even go on our holidays without them.

Well, as you have got it with you, it may as well be put to some use aside from playing games and watching YouTube videos in the event of lengthy airport queues or flight delay compensation.

Here are some top mobile phone overseas travel tips to make use of your phone abroad without returning home to an extortionate bill:

Before You Go

Tell Your Provider you are Going Abroad

Mobile phones abroad can cost you a fortune, even to answer a call. If you call and tell your provider you are going overseas and wish to continue using your phone they should be able to cut the costs for you.
Call them to make sure you know the options that are open to you for using your mobile phone abroad. Free services or monthly fee packages for data roaming could be among the products available from your provider.

Whilst You are Away

Avoid Excessive Charges

To avoid a scary, excessive phone bill when you arrive home from your trip abroad make sure that you turn off your 3 or 4G data roaming. It is very easy to rack up charges for surfing the internet when using your mobile phone abroad. So, unless you are in a free wi-fi hotspot or are set up with a data-roaming bolt-on avoid the surfing and put your phone into airplane mode.

Mobile Sat-Nav

Assuming that you have a smartphone with GPS, the Navmii smart navigation and traffic app will turn your phone into a sat-nav for free. Once downloaded to your phone the app does not require the use of any internet download as the maps are stored locally on your phone. A advantage over Google Maps.

The app includes pre-loaded maps, route planning and voice prompts as well as mileage tracking and real-time hazard reporting. If you feel like splashing out on the premium paid version of the app you can have your route read out by characters from the Simpsons or Wallace and Gromit.

Mobile Translator

Worried that English isn’t widely spoken in the country you are travelling to? Simply turn you mobile phone into a translator – problem solved. This way you will be able to ask for your favourite food, get directions or barter for a bargain with ease.

The Google translate app is free and allows you to download up to 90 different languages to your phone, although we recommend that you only keep those that you need. Because the data can be stored to your phone there is no need for costly internet downloads when you are away allowing you to translate to and from your desired languages until your hearts content.

Mobile Travel Organiser

Another handy app. If you have ditched the idea of a package deal and have spent a lot of time and effort planning a big trip yourself booking flights, transfers, accommodation, currency etc you are sure to have an abundance of confirmation emails.

Tripit, a free smartphone app, will sort all that out for you. Forward your emails to the app and it will organise them into an itinerary for you.

If you are one for writing to do lists, and then losing them, the free Remember the Milk app will help you organise those too.

Do you have a top mobile phone overseas travel tip to share? Pop it in the comments.


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