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If a problem with your flight resulted in you being delayed
for 3 hours or more in arriving at your destination,
then you could be entitled to flight claim compensation.

The European Union has passed various laws which impose obligations on airlines to compensate passengers if they suffer a delay to their journey of 3 hours or more.

If the airline could have prevented the delay to your journey then you could be entitled to the following compensation:
  • €250 for any flights of 1,500 kilometres or less
  • €400 for any flights within the European Union of more than 1,500 kilometres, and for any other flights between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometres
  • €600 for any flights over 3,500 kilometres

Can anyone claim?

Yes. Anybody who has taken a flight that departed within the EU or flew on an EU airline that landed within the EU can receive flight claims compensation under the EU Regulation.

Is it easy to claim?

That depends. We know that some of the airlines are making it very difficult for individuals to claim the compensation that they are due. That is why we set up We can take the hassle away from your claim and do it all for you and you only pay us if we are successful in claiming your compensation.

How should I claim?

Go to our homepage and follow the simple process to fill in the details. We will be able to tell you very quickly whether we think you may have a flight claim. You will be notified when the money has arrived.

How much does it cost?

Claim4Flights is no win, no fee – you only pay us if we are successful in claiming compensation for your delayed or cancelled flight. When we have recovered the flight claim compensation we charge 25% commission plus an admin fee of £25 per passenger. Unfortunately we also have to charge VAT on the total fees.

If we need to work with our legal partners to enforce your claim we will do this at no extra cost – our fees will remain exactly the same and your claim will still be no-win, no-fee. Therefore if we are unsuccessful you will have nothing to pay. 

The Claim4Flights service is no-win, no-fee with absolutely no hidden charges.

How long do I have to wait for the money?

We will submit your flight claim promptly once we have all the information we need and have completed our investigation into the flight. The main delay will be with the airlines who can take anything up to 13 weeks to respond, and sometimes do not respond at all. Depending on their response, the next steps can take quite some time, especially if we have to seek assistance from our legal partners.  If we cannot resolve the matter with the airline, or the airline does not respond, then we will do this on your behalf. In rare cases this may mean your claim being taken to Court, which could take significantly longer.  But we will not give up!

Which flights qualify for compensation?

Any flight that departs from an EU member state or is operated by an EU airline which lands in an EU member state. Under the EU Regulation 261/2004 an airline is not liable to pay compensation in “extraordinary circumstances”. You should be aware that this may apply to your flight claim. However, we will use our experience to challenge any extraordinary circumstance that we do not believe to be valid or consistent with EU regulations.

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Big thanks for the £304.70 transferred to my bank account today. My claim related to a three-leg flight from Norwich UK to Phoenix USA via Schiphol. The CAA suggested I had a good case but could do nothing because the delay occurred within Dutch jurisdiction. I twice did battle with KLM/Delta myself but they would not budge. Another claims firm tried but threw in the towel. So congratulations to Claim4Flights for taking it on and winning – and for getting the money transferred into my bank account within two days of notification. Very impressed!

Delta Airlines Flight – Andy, Norfolk from Delta Airlines £304.70 won 11th April 2017
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