flight compensation extraordinary circumstances
29 Jun 2015

Flight Compensation Extraordinary Circumstances

A court ruling almost a year ago stated that passengers should be due compensation for flight delays. It is further explained in this article that some airlines are still trying to avoid these payouts. Passengers could be entitled to claim up to £448 plus expenses in flight delay compensation if they reach their destination more than three hours late.  That is unless the cause was “extraordinary circumstances”.

So what are extraordinary circumstances?

There is a very lengthy list that has been compiled based on the past experiences of  airlines, and which is constantly being added to as new situations arise. Here are some of the main definitions of extraordinary circumstances:

War or Political Instability

Unforeseen disruption, that is caused by war or political unrest where travel is not recommended. Or, airline fuel being unavailable or in limited supply due to an unforeseen political situation.

An Unlawful Act

This could include acts of terrorism or hijacking.


If the plane that is scheduled for the flight has been subject to an act of sabotage.


Understandably there are a plethora of security scenarios that could be deemed extraordinary including, closure of airports without prior notice, bomb discovery or threats, the removal of suspicious baggage or unruly passengers that could cause a security concern.

Weather Conditions

Meteorological conditions that deem it unsafe to fly, or extreme conditions that affect airports. If a plane becomes damaged due to bad weather this too is labeled with the extraordinary circumstances badge.

Medical Conditions

A passenger or crew member becoming seriously ill, or if a death should occur on-board or during a flight.

Unexpected Flight Safety Issues

This includes such things as unexpected damage to a plane’s structure, in-flight damage that may require immediate attention, issues with the environmental control system, or any technical issues that may have caused the pilot to carry out a diversion or turnaround.

Industrial Relation Issues

This covers strikes or industrial action taken by any parties that are required for the plane to fly, eg Air Traffic Control.

Air Traffic Management

Air traffic management preventing an aircraft entering an air space or restricting any take-off or landing to airports.

Flight compensation extraordinary circumstances and the legal jargon involved can be a minefield, which is why if you have been delayed, rerouted or even cancelled and would like to pursue a claim for compensation it is best to employ a professional.


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