Flight Cancellation Compensation

How Much Compensation for a Cancelled Flight?

Each passenger on a qualifying cancelled flight is entitled to varying levels of flight cancellation compensation depending on the length of the flight;

  • Around £208 per passenger (€250) for cancelled flights of 1,500 kilometres or less
  • Around £333 per passenger (€400) for cancelled flights of 1,500 – 3,500 kilometres
  • Around £500 per passenger (€600) for cancelled flights of more than 3,500 kilometres

All flight cancellation compensation amounts are determined according to European Legislation (EU261); this also means that all compensation is paid in Euros. As we are a UK-based business, the Euros are converted into sterling by the airlines when they are paid. We have assumed a £1 is €1.2 when calculating the above flight cancellation compensation amounts.

Find Out How Much You Could Claim

The cancelled flight was some time ago. I don’t have the details

  • You will have a painful memory of how delayed your flight was, so you will know whether it was over 3 hours or not
  • Using our claim calculator you can enter the date you flew and where you were flying from and to, we can then tell you the flight number and whether you were on a flight that is regulated by the European Union.
  • If you cannot remember the exact date you flew on, but can remember who the airline was and where you were flying to and from, we may still be able to help – contact us.
  • Once we have these few pieces of information we can do the rest

How Much Do You Charge?

Claim4flights.com only charges a fee if we are successful in claiming flight cancellation compensation for you, and is completely no win no fee. We cover all the costs and if we are unable to obtain compensation then you have nothing to pay and no liabilities.

If we obtain compensation we charge 25% of the total compensation paid, plus a £25 administration fee per passenger.  We try all other avenues before going through the courts, but if we do end up in a legal battle we will cover all the lawyers and legal fees, and our fees do not change.

About us

We are pleased to say we have many very happy customers and have a selection of testimonials on our website. One of our favourites is from Michael who we successfully claimed £769 for from Thomas Cook; “Thanks for everything! A thoroughly professional job. Just sit back and let them do everything. You won’t be disappointed .”

What now?

If you have had a flight cancelled in the last 6 years then go to our flight claim calculator to start your claim.

Find Out How Much You Could Claim