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20 Jan 2016

First Class Tips for Travelling with Skis

Christmas is over and we are all feeling the January blues, but what better way to beat them than head for the crisp white snow covered slopes for a skiing holiday. So, head to your city storage unit and pack away your Christmas tree and decorations for 11 months and pull out your skiing equipment, dust off the cobwebs and get ready for the off.

All sounds so simple, yet travelling with skis isn’t and often comes partnered with a variety of frustrations, particularly if you opt to fly. Dealing with flight claims for delays is bad enough, without throwing further airline annoyances into the  mix because you haven’t prepared for your skis and boots.

Here’s how to prepare for travelling with skis to avoid the headaches:

Checked Baggage Policies

Before booking your airline check their policies on ski equipment. Sometimes it can be more cost effective to leave your skis at home and hire them in your resort instead of paying the extra charges, which are often extortionate, that you incur from checking them in.

Although rare these days, some airlines still allow each traveller a free checked in bag. This could be used for checking in your ski equipment. Balance this out with the cost of the flight, it could be that flying with a premium carrier could save you money.

Check if the airline has its own policy for ski equipment. For example some airline’s baggage allowances entitle you to carry your skis and boot bag as one item of luggage, if this is the case it pays to travel with your skis.

If you are a frequent flier take advantage of the airline perks that are on offer. Make sure that you book the same airline for all your travel, where possible. The miles will soon add up and earn you frequent flier status, or similar. Free check in bags could be one of the rewards on offer. Yes, that means your skis would go free.

Skilful Ski Luggage

As with any airline baggage, it is all about the weight and size of your luggage. So as not to add weight, opt for a lightweight padded bag for your ski equipment. This will not only protect your equipment but make it easier to move around and will also avoid extra baggage charges. If you can get a bag that incorporates wheels too you will fly through the airport saving precious minutes to use on the slopes.

Don’t carry unnecessary items in your ski bag. Airlines charge extra for luggage that is over a certain weight, so carrying unnecessary items could get costly.

It is possible to rent skis that are probably very like your own, if not identical, at the ski resort. So it could pay to travel with only your ski boots, leaving your skis at home. Your boot bag is much easier to transport through the airport and on some airlines they can be taken onboard the flight eliminating the cost of hold luggage. Having them with you, close by, means they shouldn’t go missing either.

In Summary

It is important to look at all the costs for each of the airlines you may choose to fly with, and weigh up all the pros and cons before booking. Be aware of the hidden costs that could be involved with travelling with skis and boots. What looks like a cheap flight deal could turn out to be one of the most costly. Also, be advised that should you encounter a flight delay, you are perfectly within your rights to make a flight claim for compensation using the Claim4Flights service.

Tell us in the comments about your skiing holiday experiences and any top tips you have for travelling with skis.

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