9 Jun 2017

EU Mobile Roaming Charges to be Scrapped this June

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You’re roaming the cobbled back streets of Italy and want to find the best local restaurant to grab a bite to eat. You pick up your phone to start your culinary research only to remember you are no longer in England, so you put your phone back in your pocket and attempt to ask a local who replies with ‘io non parlare inglese’. You end up on the steps of an old church eating a salami and mozzarella panini. Delicious all the same, but not the plate of pasta and bottle of wine you had in mind.

Well, good news! As of 15th June this year, mobile roaming charges in the EU will be scrapped by mobile phone providers following new EU legislation. This means your calls, texts and data will cost the same in the EU as they do back home. The new law has been implemented to put an end to excessive charges for using your mobile phone abroad, with uSwitch estimating ‘almost a quarter of travellers return from a holiday with an average overspend of £52’. That’s a bowl of pasta and a bottle of wine for two!

Despite Brexit the new law is likely to last until at least 2019 and it is possible that Britain will subsequently negotiate an agreement with the EU to avoid reverting to the high charges.  There is a catch, however, as with all good things: The small print of the legislation still allows phone companies special circumstances in which they can cap your roaming data allowance, for example if you have unlimited or ‘very cheap’ data, and still charge higher rates for data used over that cap. So check your terms and conditions with your phone provider before you max out your data abroad!


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