Travelling with Kids on Planes
17 Dec 2015

Electronic Devices – Essential when Travelling with Kids on Planes

Anyone that has travelled with children will know just how valuable “devices” are. Particularly when travelling with kids on planes on long haul flights. When we say devices we are not just talking mobile phones, but laptops and tablets too. These days every member of the family will own at least one kind. Gone are the days of miniature or travel board games for entertainment, just as well really it never took long to lose a piece whilst playing in transit.

So, devices are great but only when they are working. Here are a few tips to make sure you are fully prepared for your long haul flight and even possible airline flight delays.

Data Plans

To avoid astronomical bills when you return home from your holidays, check with your mobile service provider how much it will cost to use your devices abroad. There are some very good value plans available for travellers.

Free wifi is available in so many places now, so use that wherever possible to keep your bills to a minimum. Check the wifi packages that your hotel has on offer too. Once on the children can game to their hearts content.

Fully Charged

In the last minute rush to get to the airport on time charging the devices can often be overlooked. This could make for a very long day. Bored kids are generally medaling ones. Make sure you get your devices plugged in whilst you are finishing off your travel checklist and pack them fully charged.

The kids are still likely to run out of power but, at least you will be as prepared as you can be. Kids seem to eat up battery life, particularly if you should encounter a long airline flight delay. Even though you can claim airline delay compensation for the inconvenience, you could be scarred for life if the kids have been bored for any great length of time.


Now you have packed fully charged devices don’t, whatever you do, forget the charging cables. It is generally quite easy to remember the actual devices but it is the chargers that usually get left behind.

It is a good idea to pack the chargers in your hand luggage. Should you experience a flight delay you can usually find a socket or charging point in airport lounges.

Adapters and Converters

Fully charged, check. Charging cables packed, check. If you are travelling abroad you will also need to pack the relevant power converts to enable you to charge your devices once you have reached your destination. These days you can buy power adapters with USB ports so you can charge your devices and dry your hair at the same time.

Insurance and Protection

When travelling there is a risk that devices may get damaged. Hand luggage often gets squashed into overhead compartments, thrown around from one luggage trolley to another, and even kicked or trodden on if stowed under your seat. So, it is important to have a good level of insurance cover for your phones, tablets and laptops just in case. For extra protection make sure that all the devices you are carrying with you have good quality cases.


Have your devices at the ready for the security checks. All electronic items have to be sent through the security x-ray machine separately to the rest of your hand luggage. Just to be sure have them to hand, ready to place in the trays provided to prevent long queues and delays through security.

Follow these tips to minimise the stresses of travelling with kids on planes. You will also be prepared to keep the children entertained should you be involved in an airline flight delay. If this happens, be advised that you are now entitled to claim flight delay compensation which will help towards you next holiday, which will be a pleasure with your contented children.

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