27 Jun 2017

Coffee in the Clouds – Which Coffee Brands do Popular Airlines Serve?


Flying can be rather stressful, but a great cup of coffee can make all the difference. Check out our list (below) to see which airlines serve which brand of coffee. We know not everyone will be influenced by airlines’ choices of coffee, but for some people a decent cup of coffee is a deal-breaker!


American Airlines – Java City

Delta Airlines – Starbucks

United Airlines – Illy

Southwest Airlines – Community Coffee

JetBlue – Dunkin’ Donuts

Alaska – Starbucks

Spirit Airlines – Brisk RCR

Frontier Airlines – Boyer’s

Hawaiian airlines – Hawaiian Paradise Coffee

Virgin America – Philz Coffee

British Airways – Java Republic

Jet2 – Starbucks

Flybe – Kenco

Thomas Cook – Kenco

Easyjet – Illy

Virgin Atlantic – Fairtrade Coffee

Virgin Australia – Nespresso (for J class on A330 and 777) / Grinders

Qantas – Vittoria Cinque Stelle (1st class) / Bodum (business international)

Air Canada – Second Cup

Westjet – McDonalds McCafe

Air Transat – Brossard instant coffee

Lufthansa – Nespresso

Eurowings – Dalmayr Gold

Brussels Airlines – Rombouts

Air France – Segrafredo/Illy

Vueling – Illy/Nescafe

Ryanair – Lavazza

KLM – UTZ Certified

Norwegian – Nescafe

TAP Portugal – Delta Coffee

Swiss – Blasercafe/Nespresso

El Al – Nespresso

Emirates – Costa Coffee

FlyDubai – Starbucks (economy) / Nespresso (business class)

Xiamen Air – Nescafe

Air China – Golden Coffee

IndiGo – Nescafe Gold Blend

Cathay Pacific – Illy (1st and business class)

Japan Airlines – JAL Café Lines

Ana – Illy

Singapore Airlines – Illy

Malaysia Airlines – Nespresso

Turkish Airlines – traditional Turkish coffee

Qatar Airlines – Hi Fly Emilio Caffe/Kimbo/Nespresso/Nescafe Gold Blend (1st and business class)


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