8 Apr 2016

Travel Delays and Flight Delays Top Causes of Stress for Business Travellers

Busy Airport Stresses

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A recent booking.com survey puts travel delays and flight delays at the top of the list of stresses for business travellers, trumping even stress caused by language barriers and lost luggage. Whilst it’s not surprising that missed appointments due to flight delays are a major source of stress, it is notable that these top the list, considering all of the other potential stresses involved in business travel.

The survey contacted over 4,500 business travellers from eight countries, and although 39% of respondents reported feeling generally positive about travelling for business, 93% reported feeling stressed at some point in their journeys. International business travellers attributed flight delays and travel delays at the leading source of stress (32%), alongside language barriers (26%), lost luggage (22%) and unfamiliar surroundings (21%). It’s also notable that in the modern world technology features among top causes of anxiety, with 17% reporting concerns about IT being set up and working correctly, and 12% reporting stress about losing company devices, such as mobile phones and laptops.

Whilst it is clear that business travel offers the chance to broaden horizons and experience different cultures, the downside of logistical concerns often leave business travellers weary and stressed when they eventually arrive at their all-important meeting. Often the same factors that add to the adventure can be the very ones detracting from the pleasure of the experience, with 21% of travellers reporting stress caused by unfamiliar surroundings, 26% reporting stress associated with language barriers, and 13% reporting stress associated with cultural differences. Anxiety can be compounded by being away from family and friends, with 34% of women and 40% of men stating that their least favourite aspect of business travel is separation from family and friends.

As spokesperson for claim4Flights said, “We are well aware of the stresses and strains associated with travel for all people, especially with reference to flight and travel delays. These can often be worse for business travellers, and will continue to be so until airlines push their focus more towards passenger rights and less towards financial concerns. Some flight delays and cancellations are genuinely unavoidable and outside the airlines’ control, but there are still far too many cases where airlines are too disorganised or disinclined to prevent delays and cancellations where it would be possible to do so. This has a massive impact on all travellers, especially business travellers, who clearly have a lot of other stresses to contend with, without the added pressure caused by poor behaviour on the part of airlines. We make it our mission to hold airlines accountable in such circumstances, and we fight for any compensation that may be due to travellers for the inconvenience caused by flight delays and cancellations”


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