11 Aug 2017

British Airways Flight Delayed 5 Hours Due to Toilet Roll Shortage

British Airways Plane in Flight

A British Airways flight to Barbados was delayed for 5 hours due to inadequate toilet roll stock, and a shortage of headphones. The initial supplies problem then caused the crew to go out of hours, so the delay increased to 5 hours while a new crew was arranged. The flight eventually departed in the early hours of Monday, instead of Sunday evening when it was scheduled to leave.

One of the delayed passengers, Jane Gwizdala, reports that the captain was very candid about the reason for the delay, “He told us the outbound Gatwick to Bridgetown plane wasn’t prepared satisfactorily. He said in 26 years of flying he had never had such an experience that impacted on crew and passengers.”

The following rotation of the plane was also delayed, heading back to Gatwick, which means BA could face a total compensation bill of almost £300,000 for the two planeloads of passengers. Due to the cause of the delay and the details of the flights, passengers claiming should receive 600 Euros each under EU rules.

A spokesperson for BA said, “We are sorry customers were delayed after some of the many items needed for the flight weren’t loaded on to the aircraft. We gave customers refreshment vouchers so they could get something to eat and drink in the terminal and we got them away on their holidays as soon as we could.”


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Big thanks for the £304.70 transferred to my bank account today. My claim related to a three-leg flight from Norwich UK to Phoenix USA via Schiphol. The CAA suggested I had a good case but could do nothing because the delay occurred within Dutch jurisdiction. I twice did battle with KLM/Delta myself but they would not budge. Another claims firm tried but threw in the towel. So congratulations to Claim4Flights for taking it on and winning – and for getting the money transferred into my bank account within two days of notification. Very impressed!

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