annoying airport customer behaviour
4 Aug 2015

Annoying Airport Customer Behaviour

The airport is the first phase of your holiday, the start of a busy business trip or journey to visit family or friends abroad. For whatever reason we are travelling, we either love or hate airports. It would probably be quite an enjoyable experience if it wasn’t for the hundreds and thousands of other travellers that have to be there at the same time as you.

If you are a seasoned traveller who knows the ropes, the annoyance of your fellow airport customers who don’t can drive you to distraction, which is only multiplied in the event of flight delays. So, just what are the most annoying behaviours of fellow travellers at the airport? Here are just a few:


One of the first bottlenecks encountered is at the luggage check in when you are almost sure to encounter a fellow passenger that has over packed their suitcase. There are weight restrictions for a reason, right! So how then does it even happen that you get stuck behind someone wading through their luggage finding items to leave behind?

Stalling Security

The trip through security is turbulent enough with having to half undress yourself. Then there are always those that forget to take off the belt with the large metal buckle, or the chunky gold necklace that sends the metal detector into a beeping frenzy. Whilst it is amusing watching the routines that people go through to remove and replace their personal items, the hold ups are none the less frustrating.

Unnecessary Queueing

Why is it that us Brits love queueing so much? But really, lining up for a flight an hour before boarding starts when the seats are already allocated. Is it really necessary when you could use the hour shopping, working or reading? It is annoying as it makes you feel you should be in the queue. Not at all!

Crowding the Baggage Reclaim

Why is it so urgent to rush to baggage reclaim at the speed of Usain Bolt just to secure a spot right at the front of the carousel to snatch up luggage at the speed of light? It wouldn’t hurt for people just to stand back and calmly watch the carousel until their luggage appears. Then slide in, in an orderly fashion, to collect it. This would most definitely save the bruising from the usual baggage reclaim rugby scrum.

What annoys you at the airport and how do you keep yourself occupied if there are long flight delays? Tell us in the comments.


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