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21 Jul 2015

Airport Top Tips and Tricks for International Travellers

Holiday time has finally arrived, but before you reach the destination that you have been dreaming about and preparing for for months you have to get through the airport without incident.

With airports busier than ever it takes patience to negotiate the long queues at check-in, and skill to glide through security without delay. Often the two hour arrival time only leaves you with ten minutes to grab a magazine or coffee, unless that is there is a dreaded flight delay.

To save time, and to board your plane with as little fuss as possible follow our airport top tips and tricks:

Always print your boarding pass

Although in the world of modern technology we can now check in with an electronic boarding card on our mobile phone, you can never be sure when you might lose your phone, it might mysteriously stop working, the battery may run out or there be no wi-fi signal for you to recall your card. So in order to be prepared and avoid delays carry a printed copy of your boarding card.

Get a credit card for airport perks

If you are a frequent traveller opt for a credit card that offers travel perks. Some offer access to airport lounges, free airport transfers or the ability to collect air miles with your spending. All of these perks can make your experience of at the airport much more enjoyable and indeed cheaper.

Monitor the check-in desk

The long, tiring queue winding its way to the check-in desk is usually one of the first obstacles met on arrival at the airport.  Don’t automatically join the queue. Find a coffee shop, sit back, relax and wait for the queue to die down. At exceptionally busy times flight departures are announced and priority given to those that haven’t yet checked in, so you can wing your way to the front of the queue.

Remove your jewellery

In preparation for security and to avoid the screeching of the metal detectors, remove all your jewellery, metal buckles and items with metal zips. Also free yourself of keys, mobile phones and laptops to glide through security with ease and to avoid unnecessary intimate body searches.

Pack in plastic

Be prepared by packing any cosmetics and liquids into a see-through plastic bag ready for them to be separated from your hand luggage and scrutinised by security. Travellers stalling the queues whilst rearranging their personal items is not only embarrassing but adds time to your transition through the airport and in extreme cases could result in flight delays. Although you can claim compensation for delayed flights the aim is to get your holiday off to a good start.

Set an alarm on your phone for the flight time

We all get distracted and lured in by duty-free shops, restaurants and comfortable departure lounges where you can catch a nap. Set an alarm on your mobile phone to remind you of your flight departure time, leaving enough time for the walk to the gate which can often be a bit of a hike.

Don’t queue at the departure gate

What is the rush? Why the queue? If you have an allocated seat, there really is no reason to queue at the departure gate. Again sit back and relax and read a book. When the last few people are going through the gate simple stroll on through. The flight won’t leave without you, well not before calling your name first.

Do you have an airport top tip that helps you get your journey off to a good start? Share it with us in the comments.


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