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25 Jun 2015

Airline Ticket Name Change Fees. Really?

Just how far would you be willing to go to avoid paying an airline ticket name change fee?

It seems that some are prepared to go along way, and who can blame them when some airlines fees are reaching astronomical heights.

After scouring the internet for airline ticket discount sites and weighing up the best day to buy, and the best day to fly to achieve cheap flight tickets, it feels victorious to have finally got yourself a bargain. Until…the email confirmation comes through and one of your party has the wrong or misspelt name on their ticket.

This happened recently to Adam Armstrong when a ticket to Ibiza was bought for him by his girlfriend’s Step Dad, who took his name from his Facebook account. Little did he know that the name Adam was using on Facebook was for a joke. A simple booking error.

The Guardian goes on to report that Adam, after learning that there is no such thing as airline ticket changes without fees with Ryanair, changed his name by deed poll and applied for a new passport. The ticket name change fee with Ryanair would have been £220. For Adam to change his name by deed poll, FREE. New passport application £103.

Would you change your name to save £117?

Most airlines impose an administration fee for a ticket name change, however, they do vary with most only charging between £25 and £40. It seems that it is cheaper to change your flight date or time than it is to change the name on a ticket.

What airline administration is it that can cost one passenger £220? Is it just a way of recouping theflight delay compensation that airline companies are now bound by law to pay? What do you think?

The moral of the story is to check and double check that all of the details of your passengers are correct before hitting the BOOK or PAY NOW button.

If you have “gone round the houses” to save money tell us about it in the comments.


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