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17 Dec 2015

Airline Food Services are on the Up!

Airline Food Services are on the Up!

So many of the major airlines are highlighted in a negative light in the media for flight delay compensation cases these days that something has to be done.

The stories of airline flight claims for delays fill our newspapers, giving the airlines a bad name certainly in the service area. No-one likes bad service, particularly when the service is an expensive one.

In order to fight back, airlines are fighting to improve their services, not only their flight delay statistics but in all other areas too. One of those major areas is their airline food services.

Airline Food What’s Wrong with That?

Airline food has come under attack for many years for being bland, tasteless and even plastic. Well, no more. Airlines are pulling out all the stops to satisfy their customer appetites with quality, almost gourmet, food.

It is not only the increase in bad press from rising flight delay compensation claims but also the increase in quality in airport cuisine that has caused this push. Airlines are striving to mirror the quality of cuisine on offer in the airport, which has improved over recent years. With restaurants such as Yo Sushi, Jamie’s Italian and Wagamama on offer at Gatwick Airport alone, this is no mean feat.

Airline Food Service is Getting Good

It’s true, airline food IS getting good. Many airlines are not only extending their menus but are also offering healthier options made with fresher ingredients too. Again to reflect what is on offer prior to boarding a flight.

Many are hiring renowned chefs to ensure the delivery of not only high-quality food but menus that are fitting with a multi-ethnic audience. So, airline food taste is on the up.

Airline Food Ups and Downs

It is not surprising that with the level of travellers each year that airline food has its ups and downs. Just to give you an idea of just what they are dealing with, take at look at these stats from Travel and Leisure:

Virgin Atlantic sample in excess of 500 dishes before a new menu is released.

Swiss’s economy class drank 1.94 million bottles of wine in 2012.

LAN airlines use 2.36 million eggs annually to make breakfast omelettes.

So Who Delivers the Best Airline Food Service?

It is not just cleanliness and performance passengers are looking for when choosing an airline, the quality of food is on their checklist too. So, which airlines are ahead of the game and are best in the World for good quality and service?

Virgin America is top of the domestic airline chart for airline food. Already a well-known airline for its excellent levels of customer service, their gourmet reputation is clearly gaining recognition too.

Other domestic services at the top of the chart are Hawaiian Airlines, the American low budget airline Jet Blue, Alaska Airlines and Sun Country an American airline that offers flights to destinations in the USA, Mexico and the Caribbean.

In first place out of the international airlines stands Singapore Airlines. Not surprising as they recently stole the accolade of the best airline in the world from Emirates.

Singapore Airlines go the extra mile to ensure their airline food tastes good. The in-flight meals go through pressurised testing to make sure the food looks and tastes just as good in the air as it does on the ground.

Other international airlines topping the chart where Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Cathay Pacific and All Nippon Airways who provide services for travelers to Japan and Asia.

The Future of Airline Food

The quality and delivery of airline food could be the next big thing in the airline experience which could help to alleviate the frustration of passengers.

Airline passengers are still not satisfied with the improvements being made to flight delays, baggage handling and security. Perhaps the improvement of the in-flight experience, including the quality of airline food services, might just appease the customers and give them one less thing to worry about and even a little something to look forward to.

How was your last in-flight meal? It is worth talking about? Do you even remember what it was? Tell us about it in comments.

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