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TAP Portugal Flight Delay Compensation

Have you been delayed by over 3 hours, or suffered a cancellation on a TAP Portugal flight into or out of the EU? If you have, there is a possibility that you may be due compensation.

If the disruption was the airline’s fault, then compensation is due. However, airlines have a long history of trying to avoid paying when they should. Sometimes it is even necessary to pursue airlines via legal channels.

This is understandably stressful and hard work for most people, which is where Claim4Flights can help. We understand the law surrounding flight delay compensation and have been working for years to make airlines pay. If we believe your claim is valid, we will fight the airline for your compensation and work with our legal partners to pursue the airline if necessary.

Simply give us some key details about your claim and we’ll manage it from there, meaning you don’t have to. Click the button below, complete our simple forms, and let us get started on your claim!

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Ashley from Lancashire claimed £1,127 flight delay compensation

For the second time in 6 months I have used Claim4flights for compensation on delayed flights. One flight was from 4 years ago which I was not expecting to get much if anything but I got over half my holiday’s worth back! are fantastic and I would not hesitate at all in recommending them. They are true to their word and achieve what they say they will in the time frame given by them.

Thank you very much guys. A very pleased customer.”

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Lihui from Cambridgeshire won £801 flight delay compensation

Thanks very much for claiming on our behalf. Never thought this would happen. Got £801 back after 6 weeks. Cheers guys!

Richard and Bruce from Cardiff claimed £1,002 flight delay compensation

Absolutely awesome service. Completely hassle free. They sorted it all from start to finish. Very efficient and professional. Would recommend to anyone.

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Big thanks for the £304.70 transferred to my bank account today. My claim related to a three-leg flight from Norwich UK to Phoenix USA via Schiphol. The CAA suggested I had a good case but could do nothing because the delay occurred within Dutch jurisdiction. I twice did battle with KLM/Delta myself but they would not budge. Another claims firm tried but threw in the towel. So congratulations to Claim4Flights for taking it on and winning – and for getting the money transferred into my bank account within two days of notification. Very impressed!

Delta Airlines Flight – Andy, Norfolk from Delta Airlines £304.70 won 11th April 2017
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