travel scams to watch out for
13 Jan 2016

5 Travel Scams to Watch out for on Holiday

Your baggage is safely onboard your flight, your transition through the airport was a breeze and the kids are now safely settled in their inflight seats with their electronics to keep them entertained. Yes! No flight delays, so none of your holiday is being missed and there is no airline delay compensation case for you to deal with when you get home. Win!

Now it is time to sit back, relax, enjoy your flight and let the anticipation build for what is going to be a great holiday. Don’t let your guard down too much though, there are still a few travel scams to watch out for. Unfortunately, some people just can’t help but take advantage of tourists.

To make your holiday as trouble free as possible we have compiled a list of the cons, crimes and tricks that you need to look out for:

Travel Scam #1: Pickpocketing

It is a fact that we are more likely to carry cash when on holiday, and pickpockets know this. Unfortunately pickpocketing is rife in many built up areas and cities, and it is often young children that commit the crime. Make sure that you don’t carry around large amounts of cash and protect the cash you do have by using a bag or wallet that is secure on your person. Keep jewellery to a minimum too. Watches, bracelets, dangly earrings and necklaces can all good missing in the blink of an eye.

Travel Scam #2: Unauthorised Tour Guides

We have all experienced people in our holiday resort offering day trips, boat trips, diving  experiences and so on. But are they official tour guides? Official guides are trained and hold a licence that permits them to carry out their tours. It is unfortunate that some people will cut corners and pretend to be something they are not simply because of the earning potential, be aware of these tricksters. You will likely be uninsured if you go with these people, and they often have a hidden agenda to take you to venus and shops where they earn a commission from businessmen that support these scam. To stay safe make sure you ask your holiday rep or hotel staff where you can find the official tour guides in the area.

Travel Scam #3: Theft

Most destination hotels and resorts have safes available, at a minimal cost. It is advisable to use  this service. Sad as it is, some people simply can’t resist temptation when it is put in their way. This not only applies to your cash, but your jewellery, travel documents and passports too.

Travel Scam #4: Street Entertainers

Don’t get drawn into gambling or betting with street entertainers. Of course enjoy the atmosphere and show, just keep your money to yourself. You will often see people that appear to be winning money playing games like trying to spot an object under one of three cups. These people are in collaboration with the entertainer, and in actual fact these games are rigged for you to lose any significant amount of money you might bet. If it looks too good to be true don’t do it. No harm in enjoying watching others though.

Travel Scam #5 Counterfeit Goods

There are plenty of retailers that appear to be selling the latest in fashion and technology for a snip of the price. Take a second look and make sure that is the real deal or you could end up spending your hard earned cash on goods that look the part but don’t function correctly or are not what they claim to be. Be a savvy shopper.

Safeguard Yourself

It is important to have a good quality travel insurance in place before you travel to make sure you are covered for any holiday eventualities. It is, however, preferable that you never have to use it.

Don’t forget if you do get caught up in an airline flight delay you are now covered for that too, and are perfectly within your rights to make a flight compensation claim.

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