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7 Dec 2015

6 Good Reasons to Travel Hand Luggage Only

Although it has recently been reported that hand luggage case sizes are the culprit of regular flight delays there are still many reasons to travel hand luggage only. You will be amazed just how much you can fit into a case of hand luggage dimensions too.


#1 Keep your Valuables Close

Opting to take hand luggage only keeps your valuables close at hand. Many complaints are received each year regarding lost or damaged luggage. Hold luggage issues often result in flight delays too. Whilst it is now an option to put in a  flight claim for  compensation for being delayed or even losing your luggage it can be a lengthy process.

#2 Health and Wellbeing

Travelling often involves the hauling around of heavy luggage, which has its implications on your back. That teamed up with sleeping in strange beds can cause havoc to your spine and could ruin your trip of a lifetime. Have a look into your airlines hand luggage allowance and see if it is possible to travel with hand luggage only, a simple way to take the weight off.

#3 Time is Precious

Do any of us have enough hours in a day? Probably not, and we certainly don’t want to waste the ones that we do have. So why wait in unnecessary queues at the check-in desk to book in hold luggage? Or spend precious time fighting to get to your luggage at the baggage reclaim? There is no need, simply reduce the amount of clothes you are taking away with you, fit it into a case that meets the hand luggage dimensions and you have time to relax and enjoy a coffee instead of the queueing and rushing.

#4 To Save Money

Whilst budget airlines are great for cheap flight tickets, additional fees can soon mount up. Many airlines charge extra for each item of hold luggage, an in-flight meal, and booking your seat in advance. One of the ways that some of these costs can be avoided is to travel hand luggage only to avoid the costly hold luggage fees leaving extra cash for the important things in life, like your duty-free shopping.

#5 Look after your luggage

If you are a frequent flier you have probably invested a substantial amount of money on quality luggage in the hope that it will last a good few years. When checking luggage into the hold your cases are likely to be thrown around during check-in, loading, unloading and chugging around the baggage reclaim carousel. Travelling hand luggage only keeps you in control of the treatment of your luggage, and it will stay looking good for longer and will probably last a few extra years too.

#6 Flexibility

If you need to get somewhere fast, make a tight deadline for your connecting travel arrangements, or you are running late for your flight, it is much easier to fly through the airport with you small hand luggage case. A heavy load of hold luggage will really slow you down and could cause you to miss your flight. And there is no flight compensation claims for missing a flight through fault of your own. Reduce the risks by travelling hand luggage only.

Have you been caught out by extra airline fees? Or have you had your luggage lost, damaged or stolen? Share your experiences with us in the comments



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