Easy Ways To Save Money
10 Mar 2016

10 Easy Ways To Save Money For Your Dream Holiday


You have decided where you want to go, found the most perfect hotel and you have already started digging out your summer clothes. Once you’ve booked some time off work it’s time to start saving those pennies.

Check out these 10 easy ways to save money in order to pay for your dream holiday.

1. Open a separate savings account and don’t touch it again till your holiday. Not even for that new pair of trainers or dress you’ve been eyeing up.

2. Make a list of all your outgoings and then go through it thoroughly to see where you can cut back.

3. Put your weekly takeaway on hold and start cooking your own meals. Who needs a pizza night anyway? Beach bodies aren’t created by eating pizza!

4. Put your loose change in a piggy bank and watch it all add up. No one likes a heavy wallet/purse anyway.

5. Stop buying lunch at work. Wake up 5 minutes earlier and bring packed lunches. You also don’t need that Caramel Latte.

6. Instead of going to the movies why don’t you curl up on your sofa at home and watch a DVD or rent one online instead.

7. Do your liver a favour and cut down on how much you spend on a night out. Save on taxis and drive instead. You’ll be able to make up for it with cocktails on the beach soon enough.

8. Look for hotels and flights in advance in order to take advantage of the top deals and sales.

9. When the time comes to exchange your money don’t be stung my airport rates. Shop around online and look for the best deal for your money.

10. Remember to always weigh your luggage before getting to the airport. This will help you avoid excess baggage charges which is especially important then flying with a budget airline.

In Summary

It is important to look at all the costs for each of the airlines, and weigh up all the pros and cons before booking. What might look like a cheap flight deal could turn out to be one of the most costly.

Also, be advised that flight claims can be made should you encounter a flight cancellation via the Claim4Flights service.

So what’s your best travel saving tip? Let us know  in the comments below.

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